Zero Harm

Our Zero Harm philosophy aims to build a positive culture of safety in all Chelgrave workplaces to help reduce the number and severity of workplace health and safety incidents. The concept of zero harm means no harm to anyone, anytime, while at work. While some arguably contest the feasibility of zero harm, nonetheless, conceptually, Chelgrave aspire towards this as the ultimate goal.


Industry leaders play a vital role in achieving Zero Harm and Chelgrave considers itself to be a leader in its field. Through committing to share innovation, knowledge, and experience with others, Zero Harm attributes demonstrated in the workplace can make a significant contribution in raising the standards of workplace health and safety.

Our Zero Harm Program:

  • An ongoing forum to foster and promote leadership in workplace health and safety
  • Examples of good practices and lessons learnt that can assist other workplaces to improve
  • Motivates and encourages workplaces to strive for the goal of zero harm at work – if zero is not the goal what is?
  • Promotes the adoption of a zero harm at work culture through co-operation and knowledge sharing.