Shutdowns Specialists

Maintenance Specialists

Since 1979, Chelgrave has positioned itself as the Shutdown Specialist, providing services to some clients for more than 28 years. Chelgrave prides itself on delivering an unrivaled service for any Shutdown
Chelgrave Contracting has been providing maintenance services for since 1979. During this time, Chelgrave has managed hundreds of high-volume projects and, as a result, has extensive experience designing and implementing solutions for its clients.

Labour Hire

Technical Staff

When it comes to labour hire, Chelgrave has long been considered the ‘Technical Specialists’. This is a result of our decision to focus specifically on Technically qualified personnel.
Engaging the services of an experienced, qualified and competent Technical Professional can be one of the most challenging tasks facing Australian businesses today. When you need a Technical Professional, talk to the industry professionals, Chelgrave.