Chelgrave Contracting Plant Maintenance Specialists

Chelgrave Contracting has been providing maintenance services for more than 35 years. During this time, Chelgrave has managed hundreds of high-volume projects and, as a result, has extensive experience designing and implementing solutions for its clients.

Chelgrave provides three levels of maintenance solutions to cater for the different needs of each client and project. These levels are: Labour Hire; Supervised; and Managed, which are explained below.

Labour Hire

The client retains management and supervisory oversight and responsibility, while Chelgrave supplies a labour workforce. While the client takes responsibility for the productivity and effectiveness of maintenance strategy, Chelgrave takes responsibility for employee motivation and attitude, experience and qualifications.


Similar to Labour Hire, but Chelgrave also supplies maintenance supervisors to oversee the productivity of our tradespeople and directs them in maintenance activities.


Chelgrave commits to work with clients as a partner and takes responsibility for maintenance strategy, reliability, and outcomes. The client adopts a contract management approach and works with Chelgrave to measure and manage outcomes. Clients have the option of keeping reliability engineering in-house or, alternatively, Chelgrave can also provide reliability engineer(s) and planners.

Chelgrave is an industry leader in providing maintenance solutions. Combined with decades of experience, we also apply the following methodologies to drive performance for our clients:

Reducing Costs

  • Identifying areas for improvements, such as planning, scoping of work, supplier engagement, and tendering/quotation processes, that lead to better outcomes for reducing costs. Examples include:
  • Looking at spares and analysing overall costs.
  • Monitoring overtime worked and scheduling work to be performed within normal working hours (where possible).
  • Analysing work performed and identifying causes for failure to prevent recurrence.
  • Analysing current work practices and introducing cost-effective solutions.

Improve Efficiency

  • Analyse time taken to perform maintenance activities.
  • Improve planning for maintenance to fit within windows of production downtime.
  • Minimise downtime due to maintenance.

Improve Reliability

  • Analyse Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Provide data to the client and execute preventative and predictive maintenance activities in line with Condition Monitoring Reports.
  • Record data of all work undertaken to identify and prevent all repetitive failures and breakdowns.

Continuous and Improved Performance

Perform improvement initiatives such as:

  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Maintenance reviews after shutdowns and major maintenance works
  • Analyse incidents, issues, and areas for improvement
  • Measure and monitor performances against agreed KPIs
  • Provide a review document that monitors performance against KPIs and report regularly to the client for review.

During its 35 years in business, Chelgrave has established itself as a Maintenance Specialist and has become the leader in providing Maintenance Solutions to clients. Contact us to for more information or to speak with one of our Maintenance Specialists.