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Chelgrave Contracting: The Shutdown Specialist

For 36 years, Chelgrave has positioned itself as The Shutdown Specialist, providing services to some clients for more than 28 years. Chelgrave prides itself on delivering an unrivaled service for any Shutdown—no matter how big or small, Chelgrave can handle it all.

For all shutdowns, Chelgrave provides not only experienced tradespeople to complete the work, but also planners and supervisors to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget, and with minimum fuss. It is this know-how that comes from decades of experience that makes Chelgrave the correct choice for all Shutdown solutions.


Shutdown Management

When managing shutdowns for clients, Chelgrave is responsible for the following:

  • Inspection and Planning
  • Recruiting and mobilising the Skilled Workforce
  • Safety management
  • Industrial Relations management
  • Hourly rates
  • Fixed-price packages
  • Accommodation and travel coordination
  • Performance monitoring.


Major Shutdowns

Chelgrave works with clients to develop a Major Shutdown planning process. This process includes:

  • Identifying work packages
  • Authorising work packages
  • Scheduling work packages
  • Obtaining quotes for work packages
  • Submitting requests for work to be scheduled
  • Agreeing on final cut-off for scheduled work
  • Agreed methodology for client and Chelgrave to plan and schedule work packages
  • Inspect, test, and approve each project once work is completed
  • Review and feedback.

Trade Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Planners
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Trades; Boilermakers, Fitters
  • Welders, Pipe, Structural Plate
  • Scaffolders
  • Civil Contractors
  • Assistants

Shut Planning examples

Steel company Victoria

Chelgrave has been providing shutdown services to a major steel producer in Victoria for over 28 years. Work packages vary from hourly rates to fixed price. The size of the workforce varies for each shutdown, but as many as 300 tradespeople have been supplied at one time by Chelgrave.

When working on shutdowns with this client, Chelgrave has been responsible for the following:

  • Resourcing and staffing of shutdowns with qualified and experienced tradespeople
  • Supervising maintenance activities during shutdowns
  • OHS management.


Pulp and Paper Company

Chelgrave has provided maintenance staff for all shutdowns since 2011. Work undertaken has included hourly-rate and fixed-price supervised projects, and Chelgrave has supplied the following staff and benefits to this client:

  • Approximately 70 different trades
  • One manager and four supervisors
  • No lost time injuries
  • All work completed on time or ahead of schedule
  • Fixed-price quotes completed within or under budget.



Other Shutdowns

Aside from the major shutdowns listed above, Chelgrave has years of experience in supporting a host of industry sectors with all of their shutdown needs, and they include:

Manufacturer Ave. Qty People Relationship (years)
Building Products 45 12
Adhesives 16 15
Glass 40 28
Industrial Gasses 25 15
Metal Products 110 15
Rubber Products 10 20
Confectionary 5 5
Utilities Services 75 3
Brewery 15 3
Rail Rolling Stock Maintainer 12 15
Electrical Transformers 45 15
Industrial Coatings 45 10

As you can see from the above examples, Chelgrave really is The Shutdown Specialist. For more information, please contact our Operations team by following this link, or Click Here to review a case study about the projects we’ve completed for Australian Paper.